stern storming inbound marketing strategyLIVE

April 29th – 30th 2017 | 8:30 AM – 6:00 PM

Hilton Garden Inn Cherry Creek |Denver, CO

 Master What You Need To Succeed In Digital Marketing

JUST $97 !!


Is your marketing not reaching the people it should be?

Can you detect no measurable ROI from your website or social media?

To make your marketing work, you must learn how to emotionally connect with your audience and give them the hope and desire that you can solve their specific problem.

You also need to learn how to pull people from your website and social media into real conversations and close sales.

Hi, I’m Darrell Stern, and in my 20 years in marketing, I have learned how to master both the art of marketing and the art of selling.

Join us for two powerful days full of learning, growth, and imagination.

Together we will take specific actions and apply them immediately before the weekend is up. You will improve your blogging, social media, inbound marketing and your business process and business model. Bringing what you imagine to fruition, standing tall and face forward, and writing better language than you have ever done before to make the right people believe that you are the best solution to their problem,

Marketing IS theater, and together we are going to put on a show like you have never witnessed before.


Darrell Stern

The Power Of Language

Faith Young

The Power Of Connection


The Power Of Self-Image

Dan Fowler

The Power Of Imagination

Special Guest Speaker

Kevin Knebl!

International Speaker, Author, Trainer and Joie de Vivre Coach™

Author of the book “The Social Media Sales Revolution!”

Here are just SOME of the main skills you will learn at Stern Storming LIVE!

  • How To Optimize Your Website For Your Ideal Customer
    Valued At $1997
  • How To Write Dramatically Engaging Copy For Your Landing Pages
    Valued At $697
  • How To Tell Your Business Story To Increase Sales
    Valued At $597
  • Using The Power Of Mentions And Hashtags In Social Media
    Valued At $497
  • How To Assume The Sale and Sell More
    Valued At $897
  • How To Get More Specific In Your Marketing
    Valued At $697
  • The Five Steps To The Best Sale
    Valued At $497
  • Develop Your Live Marketing Strategy
    Valued At $1897
  • Learn How To Convert Customers With Your BLOG
    Valued At $997
  • How To Produce And Optimize Your YouTube Channel
    Valued At $1097

This is almost a $10,000 value!

Stern Storming Is Offering A Discount Value of $997 until February 20th 2017!

Additionally, you get one FREE ticket for your business partner, spouse or anyone else who will benefit.

I will also help you through a specific issue you are having in your business during your one on one ½ hour stern storming phone session before the event.

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Stern Storming. How Specific Can We Make Your Marketing?

Reverse Engineering Is The Secret Weapon for more high paying clients.

Haven’t you always wanted more high paying clients? Where do you find them? How do you close bigger and bigger sales?

The secret lies in selling through emotion. In theatrically demonstrating that the benefit of what you do CURES the severe PAIN that your ideal client is in.

I am going to teach you how to sell from HOPE.

Marketing IS theater, and marketing is the art of starting meaningful conversations.

In order for those conversations to be meaningful, we must move people emotionally to BELIEVE in you.

To have a sense of commonality with you, and be filled with relief that they have finally found the solution they have been searching for.

Let me teach you how to put yourself in your client’s shoes, tap into the questions they have, and figure out how THEY are searching for you, their solution.

The tools we have YouTube, Facebook, Infusionsoft, are just mechanisms we will use to attract those people who will value you the most.

And with the right combination of blogs, landing pages, hashtags memes vidoes and posts, you will have the successful business that you have always wanted.

Get Your Single Regular Seat For Stern Storming LIVE

For Only $97

The Art Of Imagination Engineering

(How to leverage your ideas so you can engineer them powerfully and profitably into the world.)

Imagination is the Operating System of Your Business Universe

What if you could create a completely customized and modular business system that grows when you grow, evolves when you evolve and adapts to the needs of the market without requiring a full rewrite of your coveted business plan?
Wouldn’t that revolutionize the way in which you, your company and your profits show up in the world?

What if I told you that IMAGINATION is the TOOL to optimize HOW your ideas are engineered powerfully and profitably into the world?

And what if I could show you how you can make this a reality for you and your business? Wouldn’t that CHANGE EVERYTHING?

Here’s what you will learn:
1. How to REMOVE the “Self-Edit” program from your psyche.
2. How to arrange, organize and prioritize your ideas for maximum impact and influence.
3. How to MASTER the “Ethereal to Material” process for ANY idea, and how to engineer it powerfully and profitably into the world with EASE and SPEED.

If you are looking to up-level your business game but feel either stuck in the mud or you have reached a plateau that you can’t seem to elevate from, Dan Fowler, The Imagination Engineer, will help guide you into your NEXT LEVEL MINDSET so you can experience what being an entrepreneur is REALLY supposed to feel like!

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For Only $97

C. Eric Masters is an Executive Vice President with Denver-based Five Rings Financial and has been helping his clients for 8 years. Eric and Five Rings take an

Eric and Five Rings take an educational-based approach to teaching people some of the basic principles of the financial industry and they focus only on products that protect their clients from any losses due to market volatility while allowing to capture some of the upside growth. Five Rings is one of the fastest growing agencies in the financial industry and Eric is a top performer with them.

Mr. Masters joins us as BOTH a keynote speaker and as a SPONSOR of Stern Storming Live !

The Power of Connection

Our connection is way bigger than people imagine. We are all one in this world. We are all one being, and all energy is connected. More and more of us are beginning to understand and appreciate this. Our connection through energy is why when you are mean to someone it comes back to you tenfold. At the same time, when you offer love to others, it also comes back to you tenfold. The more love we give out, the more connected we realize we are, the more compassion we spread, the more gratitude we share, and the more all of these feelings will come back to us.

Together we will learn how to use Facebook to make more powerful connections than you have ever experienced before.

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Self Image and Your Earning Potential

Haven’t you always wanted to have the confidence that you have seen in others?

Success does not begin externally. It begins with believing in yourself, your company, your product, your service.

Visualizing is great, but it is not enough. I know you are curious as to how this works.

What if there was a shortcut we could take together to move you all at once to a place of such high self-confidence that you could imagine and bring to fruition everything you have wanted for your business?

Stop doubting yourself and move to a place of courageous self-confidence driven by a new self-image.

I am a performance artist who will move you through every doubt you have about yourself your story and your image to a place of courageous self-confidence driven by a new self-image.

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Get Your Single Regular Seat For Stern Storming LIVE

For Only $97