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My Philosophy

To market what you do, we must TELL people what you do, and we must tell them over and over again.

HOW we tell them must be written in such a way that the reader is filled with the hope and desire that YOUR product or service is the answer to their specific problem.

By the end of our Stern Storming session, I will have written with you, copy that will MOVE people emotionally, get to the heart of your brand, and make them BELIEVE that YOU are what they have been searching for!

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Darrell Stern | Marketing With Benefits Not Features
Experience Pros National TV Show With
Eric Reamer and Angel Tuccy

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I am so grateful to have worked with these talented business people! Together we have improved the ROI on all of their marketing!

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Here Are Just A Few People Who Are Raving About Stern Storming

Bruce Grant | CEO EstesGroup

Bruce and his team of ERP consultants at EstesGroup have been Stern Storming for over a year and the result is an 8 to 1 return on investment.

Darrell Stern is a genius! Darrell has transformed our online marketing. He has non-stop energy, the tools, the skills and all the experience to increase and improve your online presence! The results are immediate!

Angel Tuccy

CEO, Experience Pros


Today's #Fanbrag goes out to my gifted friend Darrell Stern with Stern Inbound Marketing! He is innovative, creative, and understands the value I want to bring to the world. If you're looking to hire someone for inbound marketing, he is your guy! Thank you, thank you, thank you Angel Tuccy for the personal connection!"


Faith Young

CEO, What Would Faith Do?

Just had an AMAZING meeting with Darrell Stern about what it is I do and how to do something called Stern Inbound Marketing... he calls it Stern Storming... Seriously if you are stuck on how to take your business to the next level, THIS is the missing link... WOW... I am so hopeful for my future after this!!! Thank you Darrell!!!!

Mythica von Griffyn

CEO, Mythica

I spoke with Darrell on the phone last week and he gave me countless ideas on how to enhance my business. Everything from my website to twitter to hosting an event. I am certainly not an expert in marketing, but Darrell is and it shows! Thank you so much Darrell! I look forward to working with you more in the future.

Katie Starry

CEO, Starry Photography

I had a SternStorming session with Darrell Stern, and in 20 minutes, he helped me learn something that I did NOT know I knew! He asked me where I got my passion for food and cooking; and it wasn't until THAT moment that I was able to put my finger on the idea that it was being raised by my grandmother that gave me the passion I currently have for food. The way that he got the information out of me and got me to talk AND learn about myself and how I got here was amazing. Now I have a clear strategy to develop my brand name and a marketing strategy to move forward with. I can't recommend Darrell and Stern LLC enough for your business inbound marketing needs.

Matt Curry

CEO, Chef Curry Cuisine

Darrell Stern CEO of Stern LLC is one of those brilliant minds that is best seen when utilizing the full scope of what he can offer. He sees the puzzle complete before it is done, and knows what pieces go where without guess work. As a coach, I love that he challenges me to consider my client and my communications to them, much the way I would in interacting with my clients. Darrell has a lot of heart and care for people, and valuing him as he truly is worth, he has given even that much more of himself to take care of me. If you realize that instant gratification in getting your business online recognition is a TV illusion, and you have the care for your business to make the reasonable investment, I would recommend you engage Darrell to bring your business to life.

Chris Beauchamp

CEO, Beauchamp Coaching

After seeing Darrell's website and a colleague's whose site he designed, I decided to upgrade a website that I had created myself. It is one of the best business decisions I have made. Not only did Darrell listen to what I was going for but bent over backwards to make sure that I was happy every step of the way. Our conversations lead to a synergy that created an end result that is much more than I had originally envisioned. I recommend him very highly.

Victor Slezak

Actor, Hollywood

Working with Darrell Stern and Stern LLC has been great for my business. Things get done on time, I have been in business many years and worked with many web designers. I have never worked with anyone who gets the job done on the deadline. We are pretty admittedly demanding clients and presented Darrell Stern (CEO) with quite a few challenges, which he delivered on time. Also when I need quick website edits and changes, he is always amenable to making them happen. He has created a responsive website for us that transformed our look and branding and has increased customer engagement and ultimately purchases. He knows his stuff and loves his work. So if you need someone to put your vision on screen in a timely fashion, Darrell Stern is your man and Stern LLC is the company.

Robert Brace

CEO, The 28 Day Challenge

And Even More Stern Storming Praise

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